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Costa Salguero Trade Center

Costa Salguero Trade Center is located in Rafael Obligado Avenue without number (Costanera Rafael Obligado Avenue and Salguero St.).
Phone: +5411 4808-8300
Centro Costa Salguero has a covered area that exceeds 20,000 m2, apart from the outdoor areas, and the parking & manoeuvring areas. It now covers a total area over 40,000 m2 within the 17 hectares which make up the Complejo Costa Salguero. Nowadays, Centro Costa Salguero has become one of the main reference centres in the exhibitions and events market in the city of Buenos Aires.
Whether you travel by car or use public transport, the trade fair center is always quick and easy to reach.

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By bus:

Line 33 
From Quilmes.
To Ciudad Universitaria (only branch that says “University City”).
Line 37 
From Lanus.
To Ciudad Universitaria (only branch 4, by coast). Stop Av R. Bound and Sarmiento.


Line 45 
From R. Climbing.
To Ciudad Universitaria (only branch that says “University City”).
Line 160 
From Claypole.
To Ciudad Universitaria (only branch that goes to Ciudad Universitaria). Stop in Sarmiento and Lugones.