of Environmental Technologies, Water and Renewable Energies


“Raising consciousness for a sustainable development”

Technical Coordination: Dra. Aleandra Scafati. President of ECO Mujeres and Provincia BA Desarrollo.

It’s a bianual Trade Fair organized by AIDIS Argentina with the support of relevant institutions of the area.

Sanitary, Environmental and Mining Engineers; Chemists in Oil & Gas, Hydraulic, Civil and Industrial Engineers, Biochemists, Technicians, Architects, Builders, Officials of Municipal, Provincial and National Governments, Cooperatives, Public Service Providers, Researchers, Consultants, Regulatory Bodies, Private Districts and Country Houses, Businesses Executives and Professionals related to each area of interest, Lawyers, Analysts, Biologists, Geologists, Journalists, Researchers, Teachers and Students of related careers, among other.

This year we join the universities that accompany us under the modality of Solidary Support. They will benefit with a free entrance for their students, who can participate in FITMA2017 by providing at least one plastic,  clean and dry bottle that will be delivered to El Ceibo Cooperative.

FITMA 2017 is a meeting space for working and deepening on state policies as well as for companies to display their proposals for services and technologies as well as the progress they are making looking towards a more sustainable and low carbon economy.


The FORUM is designed under 4 thematic topics: Water, Waste, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies.

Modality: Lectures with presentations of outstanding speakers

Duration of each Presentation: 20 minutes.

Room: Room 1 - Centro Costa Salguero. Costanera R. Obligado Avenue and Jerónimo Salguero. CABA

Aleandra Scafati